Logger channel interface.

This interface defines the full behavior of the central Drupal logger facility. However, when writing code that does logging, use the generic \Psr\Log\LoggerInterface for typehinting instead (you shouldn't need the methods here).

To add a new logger to the system, implement \Psr\Log\LoggerInterface and add a service for that class to a services.yml file tagged with the 'logger' tag. The default logger channel implementation will call the log() method of every logger service with some useful data set in the $context argument of log(): request_uri, referer, ip, user, uid.

SECURITY NOTE: the caller might also set a 'link' in the $context array which will be printed as-is by the dblog module under an "operations" header. Usually this is a "view", "edit" or similar relevant link. Make sure to use proper, secure link generation facilities; some are listed below.

Type hierarchy

codeigniter4/framework dev-master v4.0.4
datasift/stone dev-master 1.10.3
deathart/blogci4 dev-master

Interface usage:

This interface is not referred by any other class/interface/traits in packagist packages.