Redirects Drupal logging messages to Drush log.

Note that Drupal extends the LoggerInterface, and needlessly replaces Psr\Log\LogLevels with Drupal\Core\Logger\RfcLogLevel. Doing this arguably violates the Psr\Log contract, but we can't help that here -- we just need to convert back.

Type hierarchy

psr/log dev-master 1.1.4
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mrcnpdlk/imdbphp v4.1.1
psr-php7/log dev-master 1.0.0
struggle-for-php/sfp-psalm-psr-log-plugin dev-master 0.2.0
amzn/amazon-pay-sdk-php 2.x-dev
amzn/login-and-pay-with-amazon-sdk-php 2.x-dev
cyan.tseng/logger dev-master
graef685/log 4.0.0 1.1.4
imdbphp/imdbphp v4.1.1
instituteweb/typo3-cms 6.2.31
integer-net/solr-base 1.0.4

Class usage:

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