Writes log entries to nowhere with the expectation that developers interested in this library's messages will implement their own logger or use a bundle/module already written for their framework or choice to replace this default in [Honeybadger::$logger].

TODO: Investigate to see if logging to STDERR by default is feasible.

Type hierarchy

psr/log dev-master 1.1.4
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mrcnpdlk/imdbphp v4.1.1
psr-php7/log dev-master 1.0.0
struggle-for-php/sfp-psalm-psr-log-plugin dev-master 0.2.0
amzn/amazon-pay-sdk-php 2.x-dev
amzn/login-and-pay-with-amazon-sdk-php 2.x-dev
cyan.tseng/logger dev-master
graef685/log 4.0.0 1.1.4
imdbphp/imdbphp v4.1.1
instituteweb/typo3-cms 6.2.31
integer-net/solr-base 1.0.4
chesscom/honeybadger-php dev-master
honeybadger-io/honeybadger-php v0.4.1

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chesscom/honeybadger-php dev-master