A PSR-3 compliant logger for reporting to Bugsnag.

Notes: - Bugsnag does not have corresponding severities for each log level required by PSR-3, so log levels need to be mapped to Bugsnag severities. This is done via implemenations of \Itafroma\Snaglogger\SeverityMapperInterface. - Log messages will be sent to Bugsnag as errors unless the 'exception' key is set within the $context array. In that case, the message and exception will be sent to BugSnag as an exception. - Bugsnag requires an name for errors reported. This can be set via the 'error-type' key within the $context array. - The data within the $context array will be sent to Bugsnag as metadata.

Type hierarchy

psr/log dev-master 1.1.4
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mrcnpdlk/imdbphp v4.1.1
psr-php7/log dev-master 1.0.0
struggle-for-php/sfp-psalm-psr-log-plugin dev-master 0.2.0
amzn/amazon-pay-sdk-php 2.x-dev
amzn/login-and-pay-with-amazon-sdk-php 2.x-dev
cyan.tseng/logger dev-master
graef685/log 4.0.0 1.1.4
imdbphp/imdbphp v4.1.1
instituteweb/typo3-cms 6.2.31
integer-net/solr-base 1.0.4

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itafroma/snaglogger dev-master
itafroma/snaglogger 2.1.0
itafroma/snaglogger v1.0.1