A message collection is a collection of message groups in a format ready for responses.

It has one group for each level of verbosity.

It is compatible with the PSR LoggerInterface

Type hierarchy

jsonrpcformatter/jsonrpcformatter dev-master v0.8.0
gmo/common 1.x-dev
jmikola/geojson dev-master 1.0.2
joomla/framework dev-master 1.1.0
kerigansolutions/wp-bulma-vue dev-master 0.3
phalapi/notorm dev-master 2.9.0
phpf/micro dev-master
pipl/piplapis-php dev-master v5.1.1
plansys/notorm dev-master
printplanet/support dev-master 1.0.8
rds/config dev-master
luquinhasbrito/pot dev-master
psr/log dev-master 1.1.2
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goragod/kotchasan dev-master
kaidenchen/yii2-resque-enhance dev-master 1.0 v0.2
lionsad/service_container 1.0.0-beta5
psr-php7/log dev-master 1.0.0
redweb-tn/codeigniter4 dev-master 4.0
resque/yii2-resque dev-master
rkr/amazon-pay-sdk-php 2.x-dev

Class usage:

This class is used in:
Class Package
kusabi/micro dev-master
kusabi/micro 1.0.0