Extends base logger to provide ability to log messages with trace for any specific use case event if {@link traceLevel} is disabled. Such function useful for exception logging as on production trace level is disabled but for exceptions it's very important to include trace level to message.

Type hierarchy

redweb-tn/codeigniter4 dev-master 4.0
resque/yii2-resque dev-master
rkr/amazon-pay-sdk-php 2.x-dev
struggle-for-php/sfp-psalm-psr-log-plugin dev-master 0.2.0
zire/psr-log dev-master 1.1.4
yiisoft/yii2 dev-master
yiisoft/yii2-dev dev-master 3.0.x-dev
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redooc/yii2-dev dev-master 2.1.x-dev
ush-webdev/framework-alpha dev-master
vishnuprasadpg/codeigniter-with-yii2 dev-master 2.0.0 1.0.0
yetiforce/yii2 dev-master
yilianhudong/diy-yii dev-master v1.0.8
ziiframework/zii dev-master 3.1.1
ziiframework/zii-dev dev-master

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