File Driver Class

This class based on Monolog\Handler\RotatingFileHandler.

Usage: (Parameter of Constractor) 'driver' [] FileDriver::class, 'name' [] string of name (usualy same as channel name), 'level' [] string of LogLevel::, 'filename' [*] string of file path, 'filename_format' [ ] string of filename_format that contains {filename} and {date} placeholder (default: '{filename}-{date}'), 'filename_date_format' [ ] string of filename {date} placeholder format (default: 'Y-m-d'), 'max_files' [ ] int of max files count (default: 0) 'file_permission' [ ] int of log file permission (default: 0644) 'use_locking' [ ] bool of file locking (default: false) 'with_browser_console' [ ] bool of display log with browser console (default: false) 'format' [ ] string of format template (default: null for use TextFormat class config) 'stringifiers' [ ] placeholder stringify setting of format template (default: [] for use TextFormat class config) 'bubble' [ ] boolean of bubble (default: true)

Type hierarchy

imdbphp/imdbphp v4.1.1
redweb-tn/codeigniter4 dev-master 4.0
resque/yii2-resque dev-master
rkr/amazon-pay-sdk-php 2.x-dev
struggle-for-php/sfp-psalm-psr-log-plugin dev-master 0.2.0
resque/yii2-resque dev-master

Class usage:

This class is not referred by any other class/interface/traits in packagist packages.